While the ODROID is on ice until I get some more cables, in the search for a workable, available virt development platform I took a punt on the Cubietruck.


I think this is even less likely to arrive than the last one, because the specs and price are rather too good to be true: Allwinner A20 (Cortex-A7), which supports KVM. 2GB of RAM. A VGA port (all my dreams have come true!). Wifi on board. SATA(!) .. etc.

The total cost was $89 for the board, $12 shipping, potentially about £15 import duty if they catch it.


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5 responses to “Cubietruck

  1. Ah, great! They’re finaly out! You just made me buy one! 😉

  2. 123456

    You can buy one from,It is worthwhile buying from this Online shop ,only need 89USD

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