Fedora 20 Virtualization Test Day is on Tuesday

Fedora 20 virtualization test day is this Tuesday. Come and join us on FreeNode IRC in #fedora-test-day.

Ideally you would have one of the following in decreasing order of preference:

  • Fedora 20 installed on a physical machine (the best option!)
  • Fedora 20 installed in a virtual machine — make sure you give the VM plenty of disk space and RAM.
  • Fedora 19 with virt-preview or with updated F20 packages via some other route (eg. compiling from SRPMs).

But we’re also around in case you just want to chat about upcoming Fedora features.


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One response to “Fedora 20 Virtualization Test Day is on Tuesday

  1. Bernie

    I may well not be around (busy daytime and evening, sadly) but I am running a F20 desktop with an openvswitch OVS bridge. I could make a libvirt network by crafting an XML file, and I have a happy enough Win8 VM running on it, but I’d rather the GUI supported it just so I don’t cock it up too much.

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