I took a punt on an ODROID-XU. Who knows if this will actually arrive, but if it does it could be an interesting bit of ARM 32 bit hardware.

The processor is the Samsung Exynos 5410. It has eight cores in an unusual arrangement known as big.LITTLE: Four high power high performance Cortex-A15 1.6 GHz cores and four low power Cortex-A7 1.2 GHz cores.

The A15 cores are interesting because they may support hardware virtualization (although it could be, as with the Chromebook, that hardware virt is scuppered by the firmware — we’ll find out).

The RAM is light, only 2 GB, but that’s just about enough for development work.

The rest of the hardware is similar to a screen-less Chromebook, ie. USB 3, SD slot, etc.

It has a fan! (WTF?)


Price Description
$199 (~£124) Item + shipping
up to ~£30 Customs + charges
up to ~£154 TOTAL


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3 responses to “ODROID-XU

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  2. sert00

    2gb aren’t low.You are speaking of an ARM board,not x86 pc.
    2gb are quite enough for all type of needs on ARM,and most important is the type.here you have lpddr3 compared to many phones and tablet at ddr2 and with very high bandwidth,12.8GB/sec dual-channel clocked at 800+800 =1600 mhz.It’s high,and fast.thrust me!
    I hav others ARM things with same 2gb,but or not dual channel,or not ddr3.compared to my XU differences are visible ram speaking.

    • rich

      2 GB is low for development work involving creating virtual machines. The minimum required to get a VM to boot is around 512 MB (and that’s not comfortable at all), so we can probably run 1, perhaps 2 VMs.

      We have some ARM machines at work that have 8 GB of RAM.

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