MK802 running Fedora (part 1)

As I mentioned a few days ago I bought a tiny Android-running mk802 “inspired” mini PC. Now I want to put the Fedora 19 Allwinner remix on it.

The first job was getting a micro SD card and a micro SD card reader that would work, easier said than done what with the market being overrun with fraudulent knock-offs. The 32 GB branded Sandisk micro SDHC card that I bought from Amazon (not from a reseller on Amazon, of course) works fine. The reader/adapter did not, so there was more delay while I found one which does.

The accoutrements for the mini PC together have cost somewhat more than the PC itself (all prices include tax and postage):

Mini PC £24
Micro SD card £16
Micro SD card reader £2
HDMI to VGA converter £17
HDMI gender changer £1

I followed Hans de Goede’s clear instructions to prepare the SD card (on my laptop).

It boots!


Unfortunately neither USB mouse nor keyboard work. That probably has something to do with this paragraph in the instructions:

USB controller caveats
The OTG USB controller in host mode only supports a limited number of
devices, plugging in a hub + mouse + keyboard typically will make either
the mouse or keyboard not work. This is a hardware limitation which we
will likely not be able to work around.

On tv-sticks and top-set boxes, simply avoid the otg connector, instead
use a hub in a regular host usb connector. Note on the mini-x the otg / host
marking is not always correct. If things don't work try using the OTG
connector instead!

On tablets and the gooseberry unfortunately only the otg connector is
available. One solution there is using a single usb-device which is
both a keyboard and a mouse at the same time. IE the receiver for logitech
wireless desktop sets.

… which I’ve not completely worked out yet, but probably needs a few more adapters.

Update: After the not-quite-successful boot, I put the SD card back into the computer to copy off the log files. This is /var/log/messages, and this is /var/log/Xorg.9.log.

Update #2: Thanks to Dennis Gilmore for pointing out that it’s the micro USB slot (marked “DC”) which is the OTG port that I should avoid. He says the keyboard and mouse will probably work if I use a USB hub connected to the regular USB port.

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