Garden office now mostly done





As you can see, I’m by nature an untidy person. Still it’d be nice for suggestions about what can be done about those cables!


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9 responses to “Garden office now mostly done

  1. andara

    May be it’s a bit late, but you could place a floor socket near the table to plug the pc. And for the cables you can get a cable tidy kit.

  2. Marc

    Nice office!

    I’m fighting against cables with something like this:

  3. Wire ties are a big help.They help bundle cables. Get at Home Depot or any electrical equipment supplier.

  4. Dean Hunter

    Congratulations! May you enjoy many hours of productive work as well as scratching the itch of curiosity.

  5. Mockett has some really nice power management in furnature products includding grommets, hidden outlets, flat power strips, etc. My hide away kitchen countertop outlet is from them.


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