libguestfs packages for Ubuntu

This directory contains experimental up to date libguestfs packages for Ubuntu 12.10. You should be able to install them by adding this line to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb /

You will need to also:

sudo chmod 0644 /boot/vmlinuz-*

because of this Ubuntu bug.

Let me know if the packages work. Also what other versions of Ubuntu I should be building them for.


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8 responses to “libguestfs packages for Ubuntu

  1. Tim Fletcher

    Any chance you could build them without a zfs-fuse dependancy? Apt is trying to remove my zfs-dkms packages.

    • rich

      If I remove zfs-fuse then people won’t be able to edit guests that use ZFS.

      Why does zfs-fuse conflict with other packages? Isn’t that a bug in the Ubuntu repositories?

      • Tim Fletcher

        I think it’s because both zfs-fuse and ubuntu-zfs provide zfs and are set to conflict with each other. The zfs-fuse project doesn’t seem to have much activity, the last git commit was 2011-03-09.

        I’m not sure what the guestfish solution is but most of the ZFS activity is round the zfs on linux project.

      • rich

        Hang on, what’s ubuntu-zfs?

        Can you summarise what ZFS packages there are in Ubuntu? It seems like a mess.

        Also this is better discussed on the mailing list:

  2. slepnoga

    +1 to remove zfs-fuse __in__ ubuntu ( or provide way to disable install applance packages and use binary applance – in gentoo this way work fine. )

  3. Mark Kropf

    Can you make packages for 12.04 ?

  4. Josh

    a package for 12.04 would be great

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