libguestfs 1.22 released

libguestfs 1.22 was released yesterday. You can read the release notes here.


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8 responses to “libguestfs 1.22 released

  1. Sandra

    What kind of new features added to btrfs will require changes to libguestfs?

    • rich

      The main issue was btrfs subvolumes (also a feature of ZFS). libguestfs previously made the assumption that /dev device ≡ mountable volume. So for example, if you asked libguestfs to inspect a guest and tell you the root filesystem, it would return the name of the device.

      The changes made to libguestfs (which are backwards compatible) add the concept of a “mountable” point which could be a device for regular filesystems or a subvolume for btrfs (or something else; the system is now extensible).

      This work was done by Matt Booth to support virt-v2v.

  2. any hint ? wrote guestfs-release-notes.1
    Wide character in print at /home/ebal/dnl/PKGBUILDs/kvm/libguestfs/src/libguestfs-1.22.1/ line 506. wrote ./html/guestfs-release-notes.1.html
    This shouldn’t happen at /usr/share/perl5/core_perl/Text/ line 84.

    make error

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