Garden office

As some readers might know, I work from home, and have worked from home for about 12 years. However I’ve never had a proper dedicated office, just a corner of a second bedroom or a bit of space on a sofa. That’s about to change.

Tomorrow, work starts on constructing a real office in my garden.

Work already started (for me) about a month ago, when I took down a shed and jack-hammered a patio to bits:


Shifting the whole lot into two skips:


Resulting in this empty, mostly flat space (about 20′ wide and 16′ deep, damn you council for chopping that tree down at the back …):


To be continued …


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6 responses to “Garden office

  1. nick

    Open air possibility? Maybe a water accent?

  2. There’s enough room there for a serious man hacker cave.

    • rich

      I may as well make it a decent office if it gives me somewhere quiet to think. The floor area will be 4m x 3m (about 12′ x 9′).

  3. Rich,

    I have resolved to live vicariously through you. I have yearned for a man-cave/office for years, and this seems to be the closest I’ll get in the short term. 🙂


  4. I have plans to do the same over here in the summer.

    I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. May give me some inspiration and motivation to get mines done.

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