Multiple libguestfs appliances in parallel, part 4

[Part 1, part 2, part 3.]

Finally I modified the test to do some representative work: We now load a real Windows XP guest, inspect it (a heavyweight operation), and mount and stat each filesystem. I won’t reproduce the entire test program again because only the test subroutine has changed:

sub test {
    my $g = Sys::Guestfs->new;
    $g->add_drive_ro ("/tmp/winxp.img");
    $g->launch ();

    # Inspect the guest (ignore the result).
    $g->inspect_os ();

    # Approximate what virt-df does.
    my %fses = $g->list_filesystems ();
    foreach (keys %fses) {
        my $mounted = 0;
        eval { $g->mount_ro ($_, "/"); $mounted = 1; };
        if ($mounted) {
            $g->statvfs ("/");
            $g->umount_all ();

    return $g;

Even with all that work going on, I was able to inspect more than 1 disk per second on my laptop, and run 60 threads in parallel with good performance and scalability:


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