Samsung Chromebook, part 2

Dan’s blog has a post on how to install Fedora 17 ARM on the Chromebook. I’m going to try it out as soon as the 16 GB SD card that I ordered arrives.

Edit: I followed Dan’s instructions and had no problem installing Fedora 17 on my Chromebook.


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2 responses to “Samsung Chromebook, part 2

  1. Hi:
    What about flash support? (yeah, I don’t like it.. but it’s still needed)


    • rich

      It works in ChromeOS. I haven’t tried it under Fedora, I don’t even know if it’s available on Linux/ARM.

      Note that you can boot between the two simply: Ctrl+D [dev mode] => ChromeOS, Ctrl+U [USB/SD boot] => Fedora.

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