Handout for my talk at KVM Forum

The handout is here (PDF). The talk itself can be downloaded from this git repository.

For more information about libguestfs, there is copious documentation on the website.


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6 responses to “Handout for my talk at KVM Forum

  1. Arindam Choudhury

    The talk was very much informative. I wonder how you created so fast fedora 17 guest. Will you share the magic?

  2. Brett

    Thanks for the handout. I recently used virt-resize to expand a RHEL 6.3 raw image, which works really great without any error. However, after I sucessfully migrated the image (use libvirt Python API) to another host, the image booted up fine but got some really wired error from kernel, and became unusable. For the comparison, the original RHEL 6.3 raw image without virt-resize works great after migration.

    Not sure if you have heard the bug report or experience like this, or a bug in virt-resize? Thanks.

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