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This is my Gooseberry board, a supposedly faster alternative to the famous Raspberry Pi.



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5 responses to “Gooseberry

  1. Is Fedora ARM running on it? I’m keen to get one.

    • rich


      The situation as I understand it is a bit complicated. The AllWinner A10 is based on an ARMv7 core, but there are non-upstream patches required (see this tree) which are obviously not in Fedora.

      TBH I’m not clear what that github kernel does, if it just contains some drivers, custom boot code, deeper changes, or all of the above.

      There is a long Slashdot discussion here which covers some of the pros and cons compared to the RPi.

  2. A Person

    Does it work with FreeBSD? Reading the /. discussion it seems like it might be cool.

  3. Joaquin

    How much voltage do have the dc power adaptor? and how many miliAmperes?

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