Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with CM9

Three cheers for CyanogenMod for making my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 usable!

No cheers to Samsung for putting TouchWiz on it and making it unnecessarily hard to root.

Screenshot in a minute when I work out how to copy it off the tablet!



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5 responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with CM9

  1. lmr

    I hope some day android device manufacturers will figure out it is better to ship fairly stock Android rather than doing these mod monstrosities such as TouchWiz 🙂

  2. luca botti

    Which version? does the camera work?

    • rich

      CM9 nightly from a few days ago. No the camera doesn’t work — that’s the only piece of hardware that doesn’t work in this release.

  3. Markus Bergkvist

    How about 3G?

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