Trimslice (ARM PC)

I just ordered one of these: Trimslice Value for a total price inc delivery and tax of £262. It is reputed to be a reasonable ARM desktop/server (in contrast to the Sheevaplug which was an arse to get working). I’ll let you know how it goes …


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4 responses to “Trimslice (ARM PC)

  1. scientes

    Sheevaplug is EASYPEASY, its just that its a relatively old CPU, without vector floating point, which is where the arm platform is going, and is binary-incompatible.

  2. This looks interesting. David Gilbert pointed out that the SATA is over USB2 though:

    Here is the USB2 to SATA controller, no claims are made concerning its performance:

    SATA SSD isn’t a big win for this machine since it will never be able to push the 250 MB/s through the USB 480 Mbit/s link.

    I wish they wired up SATA over the PCIe.

    • rich

      Yeah I’m sure the SATA support sucks. However the model I ordered uses a 4GB micro SD card, and I’ll use NFS for home directories (which will suck even more!)

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