FreeDOS 1.1 in KVM

FreeDOS 1.1 running in KVM with 4 MB (sic) of virtual RAM:

This is more than just a silly experiment. Being able to run very small VMs (and this is by far the smallest real VM I have been able to run) allows us to test the scalability of KVM to hundreds or thousands of guests using standard hardware.

It has revealed a couple of bugs in libguestfs too …


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One response to “FreeDOS 1.1 in KVM

  1. Richard,

    Aside from the ability to use FreeDOS as a guinea pig for testing large numbers of instances of guests, can running FreeDOS under KVM effectively substitute for other DOS emulates, like dosemu and DosBox?

    I know that dosemu uses Freedos, while I believe DosBox does not.

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