Android is the new Windows …

You want to know if Android or iPhone is going to “win” in the end? It’s obviously going to be Android, because it’s the new Windows.

Exhibit (a): My Google Nexus S phone: requires rebooting every 3 days otherwise it just stops being able to receive/send calls and/or texts. Data over 3g still works during these outages.

Exhibit (b): My new Samsung Galaxy tab, a Christmas present of sorts from Red Hat: Fresh out of the box(!), this cannot connect to my wifi (absolutely everything else can connect fine to this wifi). Support forums are full of people reporting the same thing, and everyone suggesting you reboot/reinstall/press some magic key sequence/etc. Where have I heard that story before?


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9 responses to “Android is the new Windows …

  1. Yes, I’ve just realised about that… I think I was on denial stage… I have an Optimus One and everything is OK, thanks heaven, but my wife got an Optimus Pro and… Everything goes wrong with her mobile… well maybe is just because she is not as geek as me, but… I feel sorry about her and her android… And I feel guilty coz I suggested her to get an android!

  2. Jack L.

    Yes. My Android cell phone has completely ridiculous/useless applications installed by my service provider that I CAN’T UNINSTALL, without “rooting” my phone, and they are eating up my memory and certainly contributing to the frequent crashes I experience. Reminds me of what OEMs and “resellers” force on Windows users — promotional software essentially. Bloatware. Joe User just eats this up too, because he doesn’t know any better…

    I think it’s the new Windows because there is a rush to market and a strict focus on profit and control rather than any sort of software elegance, at least on the part of the main consumers of Android — the OEMs and Service Providers. The users always suffer the consequences of this mindset.


    • rich

      Yeah I just discovered the Samsung Galaxy Tab has apps that can’t be removed, including some sort of news browser that has full access to everything (why a news browser needs this is anyone’s guess).

      The other sad thing is there is no CM7/9 yet for the Galaxy Tab, although it seems to be in the pipeline.

      Oh well … I’ll try not to put any passwords/personal data on it for the time being, until I get root it and get a real OS on there (Ubuntu for tablets :-?)

  3. Juan Quintela

    It happened to me with this summer with my Asus transformer. At the end, I was using channel 13 for WIFI at home, and guess what, US equipment is not able to use channel 13 (FTC regulations). Too much for world wide standards. Took a while of google to find out. At the end, I switched my WIFI to other channel, and voila, everything worked. Just in case that this is the prolbem.

    • rich

      It works when I went into the settings, and manually set it up. Why it didn’t work from the initial start-up thing is anyone’s guess. ‘Course there are no diagnostics.

  4. And just like for Windows, you search the web and find plenty of people taliking about the problems and proposing soutions? Quite soon the kid next door will be able to help grandma with her Android problems.

  5. What makes me really worried lately is that it seems to me that Google is more and more like Microsoft. Do you remember those times when Microsoft and Apple were (independently) shouting “We are not IBM, we are not IBM!” until they realized that they *ARE* a way worse than IBM?

    Releasing Chrome-only extensions without adding open standard ones (e.g., how to do offline GMail with Firefox?), ignoring community (Andoird, Chromium, everything else), building their business on closed gardens (G+, to some extent GMail), eliminating cheap but not profitable projects (Code search) with a lot of shouting about how they are not Microsoft … where did I see this before?

    What makes me really worried more is that the situation seems to be sharply worsening lately (since this summer, I would say).

    Just saying.

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  7. Thats a bit harsh. Just hooked my nexus s up with adb -d shell (btw thats how you get diagnostics if you’re a tech user, end-users dont need diagnostics as they wouldnt have the foggiest idea of what to do with any tech information)

    up time: 34 days, 20:57:23, idle time: 4 days, 13:47:11, sleep time: 28 days, 21:53:06

    and amazingly still getting/making calls (when my carrier actually manages to get signal to me but thats another story).

    But I completely agree with who will win, but thats all about android being the only reasnable alternative to ios for everyone except apple in the mobile space because now pretty much the whole industry is vested in seeing apple “lose” since its their bottom lines on the line as it were.

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