David Cameron does weird christian self-parody

Hardly need to say much more than what is said already in the news item.


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6 responses to “David Cameron does weird christian self-parody

  1. AW

    why is this on planet fedora? it has absolutely nothing to do with fedora, linux or computers and does not belong there.

  2. This post not only has nothing to do with Fedora, GNOME, Linux, or computers, it is an honest advertisement for Ubuntu and Unity. Many of us were trying to give GNOME3 a chance. Thanks for making it so much easier.

  3. Darek

    Weird are both topic and discussion. I do not expect Fedora forum to be a legitimate place to express someone’s childish political opinion nor statement. There is no such thing as careless pure aggregation of blogs on topics of interest. Should we accept “whatever they might be” and the forum is interesting no more.

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