SSH key change

I have to log in to post a reply to this, so I’ll write a short reply here instead:

Kevin, you are calling group 3 a “vocal minority”. But you present no hard data about how many people are actually in each group. So there is no evidence on which to say that this group is a minority, or even that the responses break down into these four groups at all. You hope that group 2 is large, but where’s the evidence that people really did check their firewalls and re-enable SELinux as a result of this pointless key change?



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3 responses to “SSH key change

  1. Well, I haven’t had time to count each email, but this is my perception from: reading all the Fedora devel list thread(s) on it, reading the internal RH threads on it, getting and replying to emails from when we mass emailed every week those people who had not yet changed (I see about 100 emails from that), answering people on IRC who wanted to discuss it.

    I know that group 2 is non 0 because of replies to our mass emails (people saying thank you and saying that they had further secured their machine). Without looking closely, I would say there are less than 10 people in group 3. Way less than groups 2 or 1 based on emails I have personally gotten.

  2. Mark Cox

    I guess I was in a subset of group 3; those folks using hardware tokens for SSH private keys where changing the key is worthless.

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