libguestfs webinar video … and an experiment in open video editing!

After my failure yesterday to find a video editor that doesn’t suck, and because I want to get the libguestfs webinar out as soon as possible, I’m going to take an alternative approach to this.

Here is the unedited video: (13758086 bytes)

And here are my video editing instructions!

11:30-13:30 Because of a network drop, we lost the video during this part, although the sound was fine. This could be left, rerecorded, or replaced with a static slide.
13:30-20:09 Completely cut this section.
32:03-34:20 Replace video with slide #5 from the handout. Leave audio.
40:46-41:55 Cut this section.
41:55-49:32 Replace video with generic slide, eg. slide #1. Leave audio.
49:32-end Cut.

Note the video is straight from webex, untouched, so it’s in a proprietary format (avc1 video, mp4a audio). Most Linux players will play it just fine.


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