Experimental libguestfs 1.14 scratch builds for Fedora 14, 15, 16

For Fedora 16:

For Fedora 15:

For Fedora 14:

Note, for a quick libguestfs and virt tools test the only packages you need to install are libguestfs and libguestfs-tools-c. To test a few more tools, install libguestfs-tools and perl-Sys-Guestfs as well.



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3 responses to “Experimental libguestfs 1.14 scratch builds for Fedora 14, 15, 16

  1. Jean-Denis Girard

    Sorry for the probably stupid question, but I’m new to fedora: where can we get the fedora 16 RPMs?

    • rich

      Koji doesn’t make it easy to download scratch builds, but if you click the F16 link above, then click into either the x86_64 or i686 build, depending on what architecture you have, then scroll down a bit, you’ll see the RPMs.

      You need at least libguestfs and probably libguestfs-tools-c. Optionally libguestfs-tools and Perl-Sys-Guestfs are worth testing as well. The other RPMs give you language bindings and extra features.

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