New tool: virt-sysprep

New in libguestfs 1.13.19 is a tool called virt-sysprep which makes it easier to clone virtual machines.

The new tool isn’t a complete clone tool, but you can easily combine it with other tools like dd, the old virt-clone, virt-resize and virt-sparsify to clone virtual machines.


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6 responses to “New tool: virt-sysprep

  1. Yaniv

    1. You should clarify it is for Linux VMs. The name is misleading.
    2. Wouldn’t it make more sense to use the OS built-in mechanism to re-init itself? For example, in Fedora it’ll be removing /etc/sysconfig/firstboot .

    • rich

      1. We are intending that it’ll work for Windows VMs. In fact, Chris wrote some code to install and run sysprep already (see here).

      2. Or in Fedora: touch /.unconfigured which is supposed to do that.

  2. foo

    The libguestfs git repository is down, please fix it:;a=summary

  3. It’s not clear to me in the description if virt-sysprep rewrites /etc/fstab but if not you may want to add that (some distros like Ubuntu use disk UUID via blkid).

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