RHEL virtualization getting started guide

The new Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization Getting Started Guide, which I worked on, is essential reading if you want to find out how to start out using KVM on RHEL 6.


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5 responses to “RHEL virtualization getting started guide

  1. Mark T. Kennedy

    richard, where can one find a PDF version?

  2. Mark T. Kennedy

    belay that request. figured it out. docs.redhat.com is a tad obscure interface-wise. thanks.

  3. Stephen P. Schaefer

    Your document seems to describe a natural progression from the tools I’ve become familiar with under Fedora 14. $job has taken dipped its toes into RHEV 2.X and it looks radically different – a dont-let-anything-but-the-management-interface-touch-me configuration of the hypervising host with GUI built clients. What is the relationship between the two?

    • rich

      RHEV 3.x uses libvirt & some virt tools, with plans to use more in future. But even so you won’t be able to just log in to the node and start running virt-* commands directly. There’s no management tool that could manage guests sanely while allowing local users to also make random changes.

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