Debian/Ubuntu package for Oz (an excellent VM builder)

Oz is an excellent virtual machine builder. I reviewed it here.

This is a temporary Debian (and possibly Ubuntu) package for Oz:

I’ll put up a more permanent site for Debian packages later when we’ve decided where to host them.

Note there is no separate source archive of this right now. The source is upstream git + the Debian patch that I posted on the mailing list (but the mailing list archives seem to be broken — fixing it). You can build the exact same package yourself by checking out git, applying the Debian patch, and doing:

debuild -i -uc -us -b


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3 responses to “Debian/Ubuntu package for Oz (an excellent VM builder)

    • rich

      Sure, but whenever I’ve done this before, I’ve not been good at keeping the packages up to date. So we’re looking for a dedicated Debian maintainer.

  1. How about sync’ing it with, creating a PPA and having it autobuild whenever a change occurs. You will be notified when the build fails and can address it. You could then submit it via to the ARB for inclusion in extras.

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