Fedora 16 Virtualization test day

Come and help us test the virtualization features in Fedora 16, this Thursday (15th September).

Go here for more details:




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2 responses to “Fedora 16 Virtualization test day

  1. sparty

    libvirt with 9p from f16alpha guest to F16 host works, at least in ‘mapped’ mode. Yay!

    Is a gnome guest supposed to go into “fallback” mode with spice?

    Also disk performance for a raw disk seems slow, but that maybe how the machine is configured since i am using ext4, and normally try to use ext2 for VM’s.

    The dnsmasq bug is still out there.

    • rich

      Yes because SPICE still doesn’t support 3D acceleration which GNOME requires. I understand that it’s still on the roadmap.

      As for disk performance, make sure the guest is using virtio-blk.

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