RHEV-M 3.0 beta part 4

To get access to the RHEV-M 3.0 beta, you must have an active Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization subscription. Go to this RHN page to see links to the beta channels. See this page for discussion around the beta. This is the official announcement.

In a small change of plan from last week I decided to use RHEL 6.1 as the second host, so my architecture now looks like this:

In brief RHEV-H (in this beta version) had a bug which affected me, and installing a full RHEL host allows me more insight into how RHEV is really working under the covers.

Another word of warning: NFSv4 does not work at all with RHEV unless your NFS server can also fall back to NFSv3. I turned off NFSv3 support because of all the hassle with ports and firewalls.

Finally Amazon use an appallingly bad courier company called Hermes Europe who ruined one of the hard drives I was sent. So although I am able to use local storage for guests, I’m short of space until the replacement arrives.

RHEV-M host configuration was pretty straightforward (if you read the docs).

After creating a user in IPA and assigning a desktop to the user, the user portal shows the desktop and lets me click to open it. This was in Firefox 6 on Linux using the spice-xpi plugin:

When you double click on the desktop, the guest opens full screen using SPICE. A good tip is that you can use Shift + F11 to leave full screen mode, and Shift + F12 to release the mouse:



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10 responses to “RHEV-M 3.0 beta part 4

  1. Gary Scarborough

    Do you know if Red Hat will be opening RHEV-M and RHEV-H up outside of RHN? I would like to see these packages being worked on in Fedora or at least available to Cent OS and Scientific Linux.

    • rich

      I’d really hoped to have something I could say about this in public this week. Unfortunately I’m limited in what I can say right now — working for a publicly listed company means I have to be careful and there are legal consequences for not being careful. But Red Hat is committed to open source.

      In the meantime Itamar’s talk from the Red Hat Summit talks about the work we did converting RHEV-M to run on Java and Linux.

  2. Gary Scarborough

    Understandable. I thought maybe I had missed an announcement.

  3. hagmann

    Did you ever survive a reboot from the RHEV-M Host ? If yes what did you change, which services did you enable ? I was able to get RHEV-M working but the I try a reboot ( because of some changes ) and my IPA don’t start up anymore.
    thanks for any hint

  4. hagmann

    ok, curios. My RHEV-M don’t let me login after a reboot. Did you enable some Services manual ?

  5. hagmann

    no IPA was not running, I just got Input from Red Hat groups to check the FQDN in /etc/sysconfig/network –> and bingo no FQDN there.
    strange after the Installation everything works.
    –> https://access.redhat.com/discussion/rhev-3-beta-anyone-able-survive-reboot#comment-14885
    now I’m fine with the RHEV-M reboot, but not able to register a RHEV-H Host.

  6. srinathreddib

    I am able to rhevm-setup successfully.Flushed all the iptables. But could not connect through browser from my vista pc. I tried from windows 7 installing dotnet 4. still i am not able to connect to that host. I tried changing the ports on which jboss server listening too. That also did not give any progress. Could you please tell me what could be the problem?

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