RHEV-M 3.0 beta part 1

To get access to the RHEV-M 3.0 beta, you must have an active Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization subscription. Go to this RHN page to see links to the beta channels. See this page for discussion around the beta. There is also a Webinar taking place today (18th August). Finally here is the official announcement.

I’m getting ready to install RHEV-M 3.0 beta, and that starts with buying some cheap hardware.

RHEV-M requires two physical servers, one running our minimal hypervisor RHEV-H and one running the management console. Starting with RHEV-M 3.0 the management console runs on Linux [PDF] (you can still run it on Windows if you want). The management console can be run in a VM, but it can’t unfortunately be run in a VM on top of RHEV-H because there’s a chicken-and-egg problem that the management console needs to talk to RHEV-H to instruct it to start VMs.

I’m doing this on the cheap, so the hardware I’ve ordered is not the recommended way. Performance is expected to be fairly abysmal.

I ordered two HP Proliant Microservers, and upgrades to the RAM and disks.

2 x HP microservers
@£250 each inc tax/delivery
2 x 1 TB Samsung HD103SJ
@£44.80 each inc tax/delivery
2 x 8 GB RAM
@£67.99 each + £27.20 tax, delivery included
Total £752.78

HP have extended the cashback offer on these servers through August 2011, so I should be able to claim £200 back.



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18 responses to “RHEV-M 3.0 beta part 1

  1. Hi Richard, just want to thank you. For your great work on Virtualization with KVM.

    I just what to know where did you download the RHEVM 3.0 beta. I only have the RHEV-H beta 6.2, I can’t find RHEV-M beta on my RHN

    Thanks for your help!!

    Have a Great Day

  2. Any idea where can I get enrolled for this beta program of RHEV 3.0 ?

  3. Stator


    Have You tried:
    1. access.redhat.com -> download
    2. Click on plus (+) on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
    3. And then click on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor Beta (v 6 x86-64)

    I think You will need some RHEL / RHEV entitlements to do this.

    If You still have a problem, ask on Red Hat Forums (Groups)
    Or open new ticket on Red Hat support.

    Best Regards.

  4. Thanks, for the links update!!!

    Let’s Start the Beta Test DRIVE!!!!

  5. Hi Richard!! i follow all steps but only have the RHEV-H beta 6.2, I can’t find RHEV-M beta on my RHN.

    I have virtualization entitlements on my system (RHN)

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advanced

    A Greetings

  6. Thanks, but its impossible for me to found rhev manager 3,0. I don t know what happens, maybe i am doing bad anything.

    A Greetings

  7. Finally Search and found rhevm 3.0. I have all suscriptions for virtualization channel but when i try to download only seems 3 options:

    Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager Beta (v.3 x86_64)

    1- USB Filter Editor 705 KB MD5: a264dc730698686623d69e56ea6a8c0e
    SHA-256: 685b0f91304b089255f1ca355217f8448e44a2b7e78e4e636404ac309c35d061
    2- USB Client 24 MB MD5: a33da564dceb4cca60457099481e55a6
    SHA-256: 2036fc7d171940c84534219ebeb4610c04c504df94ec4cecc8807da566a27f23
    3-Source Offer 911 B MD5: f3304acfd4baf7d2ab54e800f147757e
    SHA-256: dec97a66410d45fcd6ce57263564a620bf14ebb681b540e32497c6215c838b08

    Any idea?

    Thanks in Advance

  8. pradeep

    Without RHEV-M, Nothing can done with RHEV-H ?
    Some thing like creating VM’s and playing with it on RHEL. ??

  9. pradeep

    How different is RHEV-H compare to RHEL.

    any extra packages in RHEV-H compared to specific RHEL except ovirt?

  10. Richard,

    Is there a way of migrating to RHEV-M release v3.0 from v3.0 Beta?

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