Virt-manager operating system and list of applications

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6 responses to “Virt-manager operating system and list of applications

  1. LoLL

    Nice but…
    The Application list is it populated quickly ? (sort of ‘rpm -qa’ proceed thru libguestfs ?)
    What the impact of this on host and guest ? hd bandwidth, cpu ??

    This could be intrusive, no ?

    • rich

      There’s some impact, partly mitigated by the fact that it only inspects one guest at a time serially, and you can turn it off by removing the python-guestfs module.

      Here is how it works:;a=blob;f=src/inspect_apps.c;h=83c5e5e56bbb140a70e3925ae740e4a11e1cb56c;hb=HEAD#l71

      • Dennis Jacobfeuerborn

        This should probably be turned into a setting “don’t inspect guests”. Just because I have python-guestfs installed doesn’t mean I want virt-manager to inspect my guests (unless you are talking about a virt-manager specific sub-module here).

        Also how does guestfs manage to inspect running systems? Since you cannot mount a filesystem purely read-only it has to use some other way to get to the data. How does it accomplish that?

      • rich

        Dennis, I think more generally we should make this work without disturbing users. If users have to click a checkbox to turn off inspection because it’s causing them problems, then we’ve failed (that’s not an argument for not having a setting, just that the default should do the right thing for the majority of users).

        Also how does guestfs manage to inspect running systems?

        We create an overlay disk in qcow2 format on /tmp. Any writes done by mount -o ro (or just by accident) get written to the overlay, not to the underlying disk, and then we discard the overlay at the end.

  2. Kenny

    Rich, could it be an option on a per vm basis? For some vm’s, I might not really be concerned as to what software gets updated, whereas others would be more important to keep tabs on.

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