A handful of new libguestfs features

Added in libguestfs 1.11.12, in no particular order …

guestfish “display” command

You can display graphical files from a guest directly in guestfish using the display command.

><fs> display /usr/share/pixmaps/fedora-logo.png

This uses the external display(1) program.

inspect-get-icon to display OS icon

Libguestfs now contains code to display the operating system icon for several different types of guest. You can see how we plan to add this to virt-manager in this earlier post.

You can use this API from guestfish by doing:

$ guestfish --ro -i -d Fedora
><fs> inspect-get-roots
><fs> inspect-get-icon /dev/vg_fedora/lv_root | display -

The pipe in the command above is an example of using pipes in guestfish.

List and mount 9p (Plan 9) filesystems

Using the new API functions list-9p and mount-9p you can list and mount Plan 9 filesystems. These are host filesystems which are passed up to the appliance. The main use here is for using libguestfs as a test platform for some parts of libvirt.

Coverity fixes

I ran Coverity over the whole code base and fixed around 30 problems that it found. A good tool and quite simple to use.


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