New libguestfs packages for Debian and Ubuntu

libguestfs 1.11.8 binary packages for Debian and for Ubuntu.

The separate insmod.static binary is no longer needed (thanks Hilko Bengen).


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4 responses to “New libguestfs packages for Debian and Ubuntu

  1. anonymous

    hi richard!

    i really appreciate your work on this project…i love libguest!

    can you please sign the deb packages so aptitude or dpkg doesnt warn because of the missing apt-key

    if thats impossible…please leave a sha1 checksum on your website…so everybody can verify that these packages are the one you’ve build.

    thx a lot!

  2. Hi Richard!

    Where i can dowload the libguestfs packages (Debian/Ubuntu) for devel in Java?

    thx a lot!

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