Inspection in virt-manager #4

Listing the installed applications in virt-manager:


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7 responses to “Inspection in virt-manager #4

  1. Leif

    Wow how does that work? It’s obviously a bit smarter than a `rpm -ql`.

  2. trapdoor

    Off-topic, I see on your screens that you can edit VMs names. I’m using virt-manager 0.8.6 and I don’t have such option. Was it introduced after 0.8.6?

    • trapdoor

      It certainly appears so:
      virt-manager 0.8.7 Thursday March 24, 2011
      – Allow renaming an offline VM

      sorry for bothering you

      have a nice Easter holiday

  3. LoLL

    I try to rebuild virt-manager with last libguestfs from git but i can’t get vm properties and app list. Does it need any particular option at build (./configure –with-blahblah ?).
    Thanks for you help. :-]

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