Inspection in virt-manager

Using a background thread, inspect the virt-manager VMs and (just for a quick example) add the hostname to the user interface. I’m hoping in future that we can do things like changing those boring generic computer icons into operating system logos, displaying disk usage, and lots more.



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8 responses to “Inspection in virt-manager

  1. Kenny


    That just looks awesome! I love the idea of having the icons replaced by logos representing the OS, but could that be an option or have it look uniform (sorry, I know that’s more of an art department question)?

  2. So Colin Walters did a lot of work in implement a nice graphical ssh client in linux based on his hotwire work. He called it HotSSH.

    One of the kewl features he has is that it will pull a favicon from the remote system and display it inline on the tab with the system name. I’ve noticed that Fedora and RHEL6 seem to be supporting this.

    • rich

      This is a good idea, but I think the “standard” here could be formalized and evolved a little. I’m going to try and contact him.

      • I was just reading Lennart’s latest blog post about about systemd and he has this bullet point (emphasis mine):
        /etc/machine-info: a new information file encoding meta data about a host, like a pretty host name and an icon name, replacing stuff like /etc/favicon.png and suchlike. This is maintained by systemd-hostnamed.

      • rich

        It would be nice if Lennart worked on getting some consensus for this, rather than just declaring things deprecated. For one thing an “icon name” is not much use compared to an actual icon.

      • I’m inclined to agree that a standard file has the potential to be a better option, and maybe should be the recommended/default location, but not having to overwrite a file laid down by the package management system and instead just reference your own file is a nice concept.

        I don’t know where it was talked about but supposedly this was all discussed somewhere *shrug*

  3. Gary

    Maybe you could change the icon to a small picture of the desktop, like virtualbox?

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