New virt-p2v screenshot



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2 responses to “New virt-p2v screenshot

  1. Kenny

    Ok, so I have to ask (since you had to tease us with a screenie!). Is this primarily going to be for RHEV, or can we utilize this for libvirt as well?

    How far along is virt-p2v?


    • rich

      Matt Booth is writing this, and it seems to be coming along well. There is a hard deadline — the Summit — but he’s hoping to have it available (open source of course) much sooner than that.

      It utilizes virt-v2v as the back end. Basically it is a graphical front end to virt-v2v which runs on physical servers and which knows how to encode the server’s disks etc into a format which virt-v2v can post process to make a full guest.

      In answer to your question about RHEV, RHEL, libvirt, Fedora, it will be open source and available for everything.

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