My advice is to switch to XFCE

It’s easy:

# yum install @"XFCE"

log out, and select “XFCE 4” from the Session menu on the login screen.

I finished switching in under 10 minutes, including getting everything configured right. And it basically just works far more like a desktop should.

Now there is just one bug I wish they would fix …



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6 responses to “My advice is to switch to XFCE

  1. Kenny

    I agree. I did the same thing with my Fedora 15 install. My computer is supposed to be a computer, not an overgrown wannabe iOS inspired smart phone.

    XFCE has pretty much all I need. I can’t believe that I ignored it for so long.

    • rich

      Apart from double-click-to-vertically-maximize I think XFCE is every bit as good as GNOME 2.

      I’m only sad that I didn’t discover XFCE before. It’s not the first time I’ve used it — I used it once on a very old “rescued” laptop (running XUbuntu). The problem was that laptop was ancient (32 MB of RAM IIRC) and didn’t run anything very well, so I didn’t get a very good impression of XFCE at the time.

  2. I made the move from GNOME2 to awesome about 2 years ago and haven’t looked back. Still use a lot of GNOME technology though, like network-manager and power-manager.

  3. I completely agree. GNOME 3 is finally pushing me to make the switch, and many other serious users too. It’s so very very sad.

  4. can you tell me , what working this expression?

    • rich


      The @… prefix tells yum that I want to install a “group”.

      For a list of groups, do:

      yum grouplist

      An alternate way to install groups is:

      yum groupinstall XFCE

      The quotes around @"XFCE" aren’t strictly needed there, but since group names often contain spaces I think it’s better to include quotes in examples.

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