Census Campaign

Just a reminder that if you are not into mumbo-jumbo, magical thinking and woo, ticking “No Religion” is the best way to ensure your interests are represented:

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  1. And, in case anyone was wondering, writing “Jedi” is not the same as “no religion”, and the 150,000-odd people who did so last census were duly recorded as “religious” for the purposes of faith schools, religious funding etc.

    Though of course, this is not the only problem with the census. Apart from being intrusive and bigoted against anyone who isn’t precisely “male” or “female”, this year it’s also run by one of the world’s biggest arms manufacturers. £150 million of government money (when we’re being told that a £6bn public spending cut is “absolutely necessary”) going to an American company whose major revenue streams include nuclear missiles and cluster bombs. YAY.

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