ZX81 is 30 years old today

The computer that started it all for me:

Long informative article in the Register. Wikipedia article.

Update: BBC News article.



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5 responses to “ZX81 is 30 years old today

  1. The first computer i got, It was very nice then 🙂
    Just proves that I am a old fart 🙂

  2. My first one too. I still regret throwing it away, even though I hadn’t used it in years.

  3. Gonzalo Odiard

    Was my first computer too.
    30 years? Are you sure? 🙂

  4. Still have a couple of them. Should fire up one of them to see the level of coding skills I had when I was a teenager versus now. Probably find things have not changed much 🙂

  5. meeeeetooooo

    for me too!
    And I probably was the only one using one of them in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. that was about 28 years ago when I was 12 !

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