HMTD is fun

Update A timely BBC 4 / Open University documentary about explosives.

When I was a kid we made HMTD-based bangers at home. It’s an easy explosive to make from hydrogen peroxide and hexamine tablets (the kind of firelighters used to start toy steam engines). It’s also relatively safe if you use low strength hydrogen peroxide.

Now they want to “ban” hydrogen peroxide, one of the main ingredients, because bad people do bad things with it.

(Hairdressers still need the strong stuff and there are like a million hairdressers in the country, so I confidently predict any ban is going to either be completely ineffective or is going to cause much stress to peroxide-blonde teenage girls everywhere).

I think this is a sad day for fun and for geeks.

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  1. Isn’t hydrogen peroxide also the main ingredient in glowsticks?

    And aren’t a whole bunch of perfectly ordinary household chemicals explosive in the right combination?

    Stupidity really has no limit. Meh.

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