Screenshots from new guest filesystem browser

A couple of preview screenshots from the rewritten guest filesystem browser.

Previously …


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5 responses to “Screenshots from new guest filesystem browser

  1. Its looking good, but I’m curious why not just mount it and allow usage via nautilus/dolphin/thunar

  2. Gary Scarborough

    That looks very cool. Does it work with running virtual machines? I have been thinking that tools like this would make malware research easier if you could see exactly what files in the file system have been touched. Especially if the browser got updated in real / near real time. I definitely need more hours in the day to play with this stuff.

    • rich

      Yes, it works on live VMs, but read only. You’ll get strange results if the disk is being heavily written to: it won’t “update in real time” like you think — there is no way to do that without using a guest agent or using something like NFS.

      You cannot use libguestfs to write to running VMs at all.

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