Changes ahead for libguestfs RHEL 6.1 package

I previously said that libguestfs in RHEL 6.1 would be based on the recent upstream 1.6 release.

This plans have had to change slightly. It looks like we’ll rebase to 1.7.16 (a development version).

The reason is simply that to get into the next release of RHEV we had to remove the Perl dependencies on a number of key programs, because the tiny RHEV-H hypervisor [PDF] doesn’t have space to include Perl. Several programs like virt-inspector and virt-df had to be rewritten in C. We could backport all of the changes but they amount to nearly every change since 1.6 anyway.

What I do have to do is to meticulously check each C program precisely matches the old Perl version, in terms of output, command line arguments and so on, so that scripts written against RHEL 6.0 won’t break. But that’s what you pay Red Hat for.

Preview packages will be available here.


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3 responses to “Changes ahead for libguestfs RHEL 6.1 package

  1. Amadeus

    Very interesting.

    Would I be able to replace my RHEL server with this small RHEV-H?

    Have price and release date been announced?

    • rich

      You’ll probably want to contact your account manager for specifics on pricing. It is already released as part of RHEV.

      I will tell you though that RHEV-H is a completely sealed program. Unlike RHEL you cannot install any other software on it. [This is from the point of view of RHEV-H as a supported product — obviously it’s open source and you can fork it and modify it however you want, but Red Hat wouldn’t support that].

      The other point about RHEV-H is that it is controlled through some management software. You don’t log into it or send commands to it directly. The management software of choice would be RHEV-M*.

      So depending on your needs it may not be a replacement for RHEL.

      * Our website sucks. RHEV-M is a really cool piece of software and I wish we’d show videos or even just screenshots on that page!

      Edit: Here’s a nice video (ogg format, 1 min 46 seconds), with some screen grabs.

      • Amadeus

        I see. I just got the impression from the text mode screenshot, that it was similar to how Xen Server works.

        I don’t really use the OS on my RHEL server, it is only used for KVM host, so RHEV-H sounded like replacement for such use cases =)

        Yeah, it is a common thing for enterprise websites. They don’t want to have screenshots, as some customers might not like the GUI, and choose something else.

        Maybe some screenshots is more likely to appear when RHEV-M is Java?

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