Want help? Don’t email me directly

Occasionally people email me directly about some software problem. Whether by coincidence or not, this happened quite a few times last week.

If you want help, email the public mailing lists. I won’t answer you if you email me directly.

Why is this? It’s not because I don’t want to help you. If I can, I will answer your question on the public list. It’s not a plot to get you to buy Red Hat support. Although if you do pay for support then you will get my individual attention.

There are two reasons:

  1. On the mailing list, your question and the answer are on the public record. Others looking to solve the same problem can search and find the answer. If it’s not in the public record like that, then I’m going to have to answer everyone who emails me individually, and how is that going to scale?
  2. By posting on the mailing list, someone else may be able to answer you, so it’s better for you too since there are more people who can answer your question.


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3 responses to “Want help? Don’t email me directly

  1. And of course, if you get response just from me privately, you don’t have protection of email list against my mistakes. When I say something stupid on the email list (just in case, of course, it has NEVER happened), somebody could jump in and correct me.

  2. Yijing Zhang

    Hi there,
    I want to know whether libvirt has any APIs to get the host machine’s network stats?
    If there is no APIs for it. Is that possible to add host’s network stats in the future?

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