New libguestfs stable versions

There’s a non-critical security bug in libguestfs which is fixed in development version 1.5.23.

I pushed two stable versions of libguestfs today: For 1.2.14 (source) I backported about 20 bug fixes using git cherry-pick. For 1.4.6 (source) there were a total of 30 commits backported.

Git makes backporting relatively simple, although git cherry-pick tends to fall over once branches diverge a lot. I would say for the 1.2 branch which diverged 7 months ago, roughly ⅔rds of the patches applied straightaway, which I think is pretty good considering how much the code has changed.

Cherry pick can’t however deal with file renames, so there were some patches that I had to edit and apply manually. Apparently there is something you can do with git merge to deal with that, but no one has explained that yet in a way I can understand.

It’s also interesting how a > 6 month old branch is still getting so many fixes!

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