libguestfs roadmap for 1.6, RHEL 6.1

We have mostly finalized the list of bugs and features that we will finish before the new stable branch of libguestfs (1.6) is created. You can view the list of 1.6 bugs and features here. Although I can’t promise exact dates, we’re hoping to have this out in November.

libguestfs is also due to be rebased for RHEL 6.1, and that will (probably) be based on upstream version 1.6. The new version is much faster (about 4x or 5x faster) than the version we are shipping in RHEL 6.0, and has a very large number of new features, but is backwards compatible with RHEL 6.0 so no code or script changes will be required.



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4 responses to “libguestfs roadmap for 1.6, RHEL 6.1

  1. Stefan Hajnoczi

    Nice blog, Richard. I recently subscribed and am finding your posts useful.

    There are some great articles to cover KVM disk and guest file system questions on #qemu or #kvm freenode IRC.

    Keep it up :)!


  2. frankiii

    Excellent news. Really looking forward to RHEL 6.1. 😀

  3. Blech. the 6.1 Beta workstation installation bombs out in VirtualBox (at least) with a cannot retrieve repository repomd.xml metadata error.


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