Yubikey setup

I followed the instructions here. However no released version of fedora-packager yet has the fedora-burn-yubikey script so you have to download it from Mike McGrath’s site.

# yum install /usr/bin/ykpersonalize
# fedora-burn-yubikey -u rjones

Attention: You are about to reprogram your yubikey!  Please ensure it is
plugged in to your USB slot before continuing.  The secret key currently on
your yubikey will be destroyed as part of this operation!

Contacting https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/
Password for rjones: ***

New key generated in FAS, attempting to burn to yubikey

Firmware version 2.2.1 Touch level 1793 Program sequence 1
Configuration data to be written to key configuration 1:

Then go to the FAS yubikey page and enable it.

So far the “Test Auth” works. I’m waiting to try real authentication. Update: Well it lets me log in to FAS through the web page. Edit: Also I was able to create an update using the yubikey.

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