Thanks DVD Forum, DVD CCA

I bought my friend a couple of DVDs for his birthday.

I met up with him today and he mentioned he’d enjoyed one of them, but the other one he couldn’t watch because it “wouldn’t play”.

To be honest, it’s been quite a long time since I even considered the whole region nonsense to be an issue. I mean, all my hardware is region-free or has been flashed with RPC-1 firmware.

I guess that’s why I didn’t think about it. Forgot to even check.

But look at this. You’ve hurt a legitimate buyer. If I’d just torrented the film and given him that (next time …) then he’d be able to play it.

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One response to “Thanks DVD Forum, DVD CCA

  1. Martin

    My family has to deal with this crap. We are now living in our firth country in four years:

    Europe, South-East Asia, Australia, and Middle East.

    My wife is besides those locations from East Asia. We are not undercutting anyone by ordering from cheap places and so on. We are just buying disks at the home locations we are raised and the places where we happens to work and live at the time.

    As she always says: Our DVD players back home always plays everything. (China).

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