Google “Instant” not an improvement

Three things.

Firstly, there is no search bar at the bottom of the page any more. You can’t refine your search after deciding that the first page of results wasn’t good.

Secondly, it’s buggy. Enter key does not reliably perform a search. You can’t reliably go back to get a previous “instant page” of results.

Thirdly, it doesn’t interact well with browsers. Safari at least always gives you the dialog about how “you’ve typed something, do you really want to close the window”.

Worst of all you don’t seem to be able to permanently disable it and go back to the old style.


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5 responses to “Google “Instant” not an improvement

  1. Well, I do use epiphany, and I do not have a google account, and I do not have google instant. So while I guess that changing browser is not a good suggestion, changing user agent could help, or trying to log out of google ?

  2. If you go to “search settings” then near the bottom there should be a section called “google instant” where you can select “do not use”. That does the trick for me at least.

  3. Totally agreed. It’s quite buggy. I’ve switched my browser search engine to Yahoo to get away from it!

  4. JFM

    This is more a side-effect than a solution, but switch to using SSL for your searches (, and it will not use instant.

  5. TGM

    Sounds like KDE 4.0 was or Gnome 3.0 will be!

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