Tip: List all files in a virtual machine

Note: This requires libguestfs 1.5.x or the libguestfs 1.4.3 + backports that we are shipping in Fedora 13 updates testing.

Quick tip: list all the files in a VM:

$ guestfish --ro -a disk.img -i find0 / - | tr '\000' '\n' | sort | less


  1. guestfish --ro -a disk.img -i is the new style way to inspect a disk image using guestfish. For a libvirt domain, use guestfish --ro -d GuestName -i instead.
  2. find0 / - lists all the files to stdout.
  3. The filenames are separated by ASCII NUL character, tr '\000' '\n' translates that to newlines.
  4. sort | less sorts and pages the output.

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