I hate BT

Yet another scam from BT. “Unlimited Anytime” calls — sounds like that should be “unlimited” and “any time” … right?

I checked my bill today to find I’d been charged £3.46 for calls to UK landlines. Surely some mistake? No: if you read the fine print, a call is only free for the first 60 minutes, and thereafter it’s a staggering 6.9 pence per minute. Of course my phone meetings often go on for over an hour, so now I have to drop the call and rejoin.

If I was in charge, my first act would be to dismember BT and return the land lines to the people who paid for them.

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  1. Rob

    This is the exact same thing that Virgin Media does. You can subscribe to the unlimited landline calls, but they will start charging after 60 minutes 6.9p/min. I know it is a inconvenience to hang up and redial, but so far I could live with it. The first thing I always read is the small print, all the inconvenient details are there.

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