Everything old is new again

The big news is that Perl 6 has grammars. Copying something that OCaml (camlp4) has had for over a decade. Arguably influenced by LISP which has had non-grammatical macros for decades. Being able to modify the grammar of a language is fantastic: see the bitmatch and micmatch projects. Welcome to the party, Perl 6 users. I wonder if one day we’ll see type inference, phantom types, the ability to get close to the metal, real GC, etc etc?



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3 responses to “Everything old is new again

  1. Jan

    Why is it that any Google search for those features show up Haskell and not OCaml? 😉

    • rich

      Coz Haskell users spam everywhere, whereas OCaml users write code?

      Haskell is another good language, although not too practical. The point is that mainstream languages are decades behind the state of the art, and at the same time everyone complains about a software crisis, which largely exists because of this.

      • Jan

        Perhaps my jest was a bit too obscure.

        The point is that having or not having specific features in your favourite language may not be a good goal for or sufficient measure of another language.

        New languages are not there to merely copy one single other language, one should hope.

        As far as I can tell, Perl 6 is blatantly and happily taking inspiration from old and new languages, mixed in with new concepts.

        The answer to your question is perhaps found by a bit of research. 🙂

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