First virt-tools / guestfish video tutorial

Update: This git repository contains the source files for the video.

Or download from here (MPEG-2 format)

I hit a number of problems:

  1. I lost my nice microphone and had to use a cheap USB headset. As a result the sound quality is pretty bad and there is also some popping.
  2. The MJPEG converter in Blender isn’t able to include the sound track. (The AVI container should support adding a sound track, it just seems Blender can’t do it). So I had to use FFMPEG, and that only supports the proprietary MPEG-2 output format actually supports other proprietary formats. I reencoded the video has H.264 which looks a bit better. I will have to try and make a Ogg Theora version somehow.
  3. YouTube has wrecked the video somehow. Obviously transcoding from the MPEG-2 upload to whatever YouTube uses wasn’t a good idea.
  4. There are some less serious editing and timing issues with the recording and voiceover.

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