I used to be a proper expert on Blender. I even went (in fact, I was invited and flown out to1) the Blender Users Conference in 2000. Since I’ve not used Blender in about 8 years, it’s quite hard to remember all the commands now, but I did make it through the “cup tutorial” from an old (paper) copy of the Blender Book (alternative free Blender manual).

Blender is like “vi”. And I mean that in both a good and a bad way … It’s incredibly powerful once you know how to use it, but damn hard to learn (or relearn in my case).

I’ll give potential users two tips: 1. The Fedora package is currently broken. If you hit “Space” and you don’t see a menu, it’s broken for you too. 2. Don’t even try using Blender without a full size keyboard with a keypad and a 3 button mouse. Really, don’t even begin. It’s just not possible. Laptop? Forget it or plug in an external keyboard and 3 button mouse.

1 That was back in the days when they had VC money …


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