Don’t forget your Epochs

I had a puzzler today. The RPM spec file contained:

BuildRequires: qemu-kvm <

The version of qemu-kvm was… and you would think that < It should build, right? But rpmbuild consistently refused to find that qemu-kvm package.

My first thought was that RPM somehow needs to have a ≥ relation in order to find a package at all. I tried:

BuildRequires: qemu-kvm >=
BuildRequires: qemu-kvm <

but this failed in an even stranger way. It finds the right package, but then rejects it:

DEBUG  2:qemu-kvm-
DEBUG  No Package Found for qemu-kvm <

But the clue to the answer is right there. qemu-kvm has an Epoch of 2 (hence the package name given is 2:qemu-kvm-…).

The fix is to write:

BuildRequires: qemu-kvm >= 2:
BuildRequires: qemu-kvm < 2:

But note a huge, hidden gotcha in RPMs with Epoch. You write:

BuildRequires: qemu-kvm >= 0.12

and it’s effectively meaningless. Any qemu-kvm version (with epoch 2) will match this, even version 0.11. In fact I could have written:

BuildRequires: qemu-kvm >= 0.95

and that would still have pulled in 2:qemu-kvm-


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